Thursday, June 6, 2013

More quick lunch box ideas

Some more quick and easy lunch box ideas

 We are trying to phase out all wrapping, but nobody is perfect all the time, and these little organic yoghurt's are great for lunch boxes. An egg and lettuce wholemeal sandwich and some fresh fruit and veggies make this a protein and vitamin packed lunch.  

I was over ambitious and made sago pudding (lemons, orange juice  and honey), bean and corn salad and stove popped pop corn. All of it could be prepared the night before to save time. 

 Don't forget to make sure your kids start the day with a nutritious energy boost. I just put orange juice, lemon juice,ginger and a scoop of spirulina in the blender, and then mashed avocado onto sour dough toast.We avoid cereal and commercial spreads as much as possible. Have you ever taken a look at the sugar/salt/additives that are in our everyday breakfast choices?

What you feed your children now sets them up for life.


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