Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eat well, all day, everyday.

I try to balance out all our nutritional needs throughout the day. I'm not one for giving anything up, and dieting has been proven not to work. If you eat your 6 veggies, three pieces of fruit, some protein, calcium, whole grains, legumes, and try to eat the rainbow, there is then not much space left for treats.

Thinking about what you can pack for lunch, when you are making dinner, can save a lot of time

Chicken tikka curry with LOTS of veggies, a little bit of chicken, rice (brown is best) and veggie packed Riata.

Left over curry and riata are great in wraps. I made scones with tapioca flour. Not a great success, but I'll keep trying different flours.

I'll boil eggs for egg salad while I'm making dinner, and pop corn ready for the next day.

If you haven't got a blender, go out and get one! Quick morning juices and smoothies set you and your kidlets up for the day. We did orange, lime, ginger and spirulina, that's why it's brown. My Dad rejected it but my little girl loved it. 
You can't win them all.
But at least we can all try.