Monday, September 9, 2013

Should schools be responsible for what the canteen is selling to our children?

Apparently not.

In our last meeting with our school, we were told never to mention the canteen again. It is out of bounds, will not be discussed, is staying the same.

So the nuggets, hot dogs, Big M's and all the other highly processed food is staying on the menu. 

At least we have convinced them to swap the current sugar, flavour and preservative laden icy poles for a frozen fruit juice alternative.
Available everyday from our canteen.

Our articles that were appearing in the school newsletters have been cut down to two lines. My link to what is really in Chicken nuggets and Hot dogs did not survive the editing process. 

Here is how hot dogs are made

Our battle is lost.  At least we tried.

And the stupid thing is, we don't need to use the canteen anyway.  

We will continue to share healthy lunch box ideas through Instagram ( link coming soon), so be sure to come and follow us there.

Bean, pasta and rice salads are always popular in our house

Wholemeal crackers are also a hit

School holiday snack box. I always take food out with us, to make resisting chips and saving money easier.

Preservative, sugar and flavour free homemade icy poles.
This one is raspberry, watermelon and lemon juice.